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    About us
    Sree Mahalakshmi Agencies was established in the year 1984 by Mr.Jagatheesan a dynamic personality has been a driving force behind the growth of the company all these years . 
    We are Manufacturer and trader of flooring oxides, adhesives, chalk powder to name a few. 
    In 1984 we introduced Suryacem, followed by chalk boards, adhesives etc. Since then we have enjoyed exponential growth in the domestic market.
     For over thirty years, the name is synonymous with quality and service that can only be expected from the most superior class of 
    Building materials industry. Today we have around 3500 dealers and growing each day .    
    We are manufacturers and dealers of the following  
    Manhole CoverDealers 
    Heat Resistant Paint Dealers
    Wall Putty Dealers
    Lime Powder Dealers
    Pipe Hose Dealers
    Wall Putty Dealers-Wallcare
    Pipe Fitting Dealers
    Plaster Of Paris Manufacturers
    Red Oxide Dealers
    & more...
    Quality and customer satisfaction remains to be our objective and till date
    we are striving hard and making each step towards superior customer service.
    * We respect your privacy.
    We hate spam as much as you do
    98400 70822 98403 66437
    Copyright © 2020 - SREE MAHALAKSHMI AGENCIES . All Rights Reserved.
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